About us

Chaoan fangyuan metal products Co., LTD is a professional research and development, production and sales of small household electrical appliances, stainless steel tableware of modern enterprise.
Fangyuan company to promote green low carbon environmental health cultural, leading the delicate life and health life as own duty, the small home appliance to ceramics of development and innovation, and now owns lie between water stew, and health health handleless cup of soup pot, jade porcelain jintang, rapid pot, ceramics such as electric bottle steam for stewintg series products, and the design of research and production of stainless steel pot, heat preservation heat preservation mention apple DiHe, steam pan, food case, cup, fast food cup and other stainless steel kitchenware and tableware series products.
"The health quality, from fangyuan", fangyuan company grasps "the only quality can't stand" the quality control concept, pay close attention to broad consumer appeal, customer-oriented, set up quality control and maintenance management system, standardize the quality management behavior, ensure the product quality.
Fangyuan companies based on brand building, has committed to building the "fangyuan" characteristic sales network and brand service network, actively develop the market marketing, develop products sales channels. At present, fangyuan brand products are well sold, dealers all over the world, the product quality deeply user trust, in the industry enjoys a high reputation in the market.
Fangyuan company will be to "draw the health cultural essence, with modern science and technology and innovation concept, adhering to the" learning, condensation, the development "the core values, and promote" respect, innovation, service, the unity of "the spirit of enterprise, devoted to health of innovation and development of small home appliance ceramics, walk the road of the brand, continue to create value for customers, and strive for the vast number of consumers with more health more high quality product.